Southern Specialties

Southern Specialties is a premier manufacturer of sheet metal enclosures and cabinetry. We originally gained national acclaim over 30 years ago for our design and manufacturer of honor pay slot boxes and valet key vaults and podiums for the parking industry. In fact, if you have ever stuffed a dollar bill into a slot box on a parking lot, chances are Southern Specialties manufactured the box.

Over the years, we took our expertise in creating functional, aesthetically appealing, yet durable and rugged metal enclosures and cabinets and expanded into other industries such as convenience stores, banking and self-service kiosks. Ceramic grill tables represent the latest in our consumer products line which also includes full scale, custom outdoor kitchen cabinetry.

Southen Specialties is still guided today by the same values that are responsible for our success – quality of work, innovative technology, unmatched integrity, and commitment to our customers. For more information about Southern Specialties, visit our website at

Southern Specialties Facility